the newest addition to our little home

well sorry for the long delay in posting...but as you can see...we have a new addition to our little home. please join me in welcoming charlee:) charlee was adopted on monday from the fayetteville animal shelter. she is so adorable and well behaved. she is a mix of yorkie and miniature schnauzer. she really seems to love our new house and we love her...

its been so wonderful having her around. lets see...what else is new. daniel is doing well and finishing up a big project at work. sarah d had her birthday this week and we are celebrating (yah!!!) this weekend. i have my favorite little cousin coming to visit next week...which is exciting. work has been going okay. i had a good friend return to work...which has been nice.

all and all...its been a nice week. i hope you all have a lovely little weekend filled with lots of happy happy memories. :)

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