ah the christmas pics are coming

so turkey day is over. we had a nice time down in vilonia/little rock. i like thanksgiving because it sets up the rest of the holiday season. the parade is always fantastic and then of course...comes black friday, which i personally love. this year, a lot of the family was sick, but we still made it out shopping.

anyway, ill be posting pics of the place for the holidays soon. we just finished it and it looks good. tonight is craft night:)))))) which i know daniel is excited about. there is a rumor that sarah and lance d will be bringing gingerbread tommorow....wooo hooo!

btw, for those of you who want to catch up on my writing...i currently have two publications that i write for. the first is a print publication that can be accessed online at freeweekly.com. the second is an online only publication that can be found at fayettevilleflyer.com. at both websites, you can do an author search. hope you enjoy.

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