happy holidays all

so ill start with a rant...i get so damn sick of hearing everyone say "remember the true meaning of christmas" or remember there is no christmas without "christ." hey assholes....look up the history of christmas and youll see it has nothing to do with "christ" or even "santa" for that matter....but i digress...

i actually love the holidays. the holiday season for me is about spending time with friends and family, sharing gifts and food, drinking:) and sharing. for me, its kind of like a big party to wind down the year...

and what a year it has been. i feel for those who have been touched by the loss of a job, a decrease in wages, or anything of the other mess that's going on in the world (not to mention...the endless, pointless war). it has been an amazing year for us. daniel and i have strengthened our friendship with old friends and made great new ones. we have welcomed the most perfect little bundle into our house. oh and yeah...we now own our own little piece of the world.

anyway, there's always a lot to be thankful for. i hope everyone has a great holiday season. love me:)

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