project two: martha and her damn clay

so tonight the lancer and the saraher came over to do yet another project from that damn martha stewart craft book. tonight we decided to tackle the clay section (flowers, buttons, animals). i don't think it went as well as the paper flowers from last weeks chapter. first off...the clay was expensive. apparently there are different types of clay and some of ours didnt require baking...which then melted. then the clay got sticky and looked nothing like the ones from the martha book. however, it was fun and we all had fun. lancer made indian food and we enjoyed spending time with the girls (charlee and stella).

today was a loverly day...we went to little bread and had delicious oatmeal rasin muffins. then we went to ozark and handmade and had a great day. here is hoping tomorrow is just as lovely.


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  1. Haha!! Clay is difficult! :D I can't wait to see what other goodies you all come up with. <3