ah slancers wedding photos

okay...so the official photos havent come in yet (we are all waiting), but here is a link to some pictures taken at the recent wedding:


it was a lovely event. that all being said, gosh i miss the d-millers. ive had the hardest time with their move to tulsa. ive been through this before in my life. when my friend christina left florida, i expiernced it. when i returned from florida to jonesboro, i missed many of my friends. then of course, when i went throuh the break-up heard round the world in 2005, i went through it.

it seems so different this time. i dont exactly know why? i suppose it has to do with the fact that the four of us are so intertwined. i even notice daniel is noticing it. who knows?

anyway, everything else is okay around here. charlee is as cute as ever. i may be starting work at brickhouse soon. my classes are about to start up with nwacc. we are going to kansas with the davis-millers at the end of the month. anyway...just a blue day...nothing big. enjoy the first set of pics...

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