craft tale

so its been a while since i have posted a nice tale of crafting on here...so alas, i present baby cadence's robot mobile. i found a shrinky dink robot mobile on etsy that was pretty damn cute for seventy dollars. however, after much elbow grease,friends help (jessica and daniel) and a kit...i present a much cuter (and more modern) shrinky dink robot mobile for about 35.00. i wanted something modern enough to grow from baby cadence to child cadence. lovies to the luckiest little god-child in the world. p.s. charlee is sort of enchanted by this thing...so my guess is...so will baby d-m. p.s.s. please note that there are femine robots, girl robot, boy robots, ethnic robots, and masculine robots....to create the worldly and well-balanced baby (uncle wayne setting his agenda, one step at a time).:)

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