one lovely weekend

well we had a lovely weekend in fayetteville. a nice busy, productive weekend. friday night we got some stuff done around the house. saturday was ungodly hot in fayetteville. we went to the farmers market and to take care of a friends dog. it just got so hot...so fast. last night we had our wonderful friends lance and sarah d over. today, daniel made a fantastic lemon angel food cake (in barefoot contessa's family style cookbook) and i made some blueberry sauce to go with it. enjoy some pictures from one fantastic weekend in fayetteville.

love you, wayne:)

...now that's a dinner party

...sun-tea from our very own sun:)

...hot lance, sarah d, my little d, and me:)

sarah brought us a magnolia

...now this makes the hassle of moving...all worth it!

our friendly backyard protector

daniel enjoying a summer lunch

...ina garten's fabulous lemon infused angelfood cake...

daniel...the king of angelfood!!!

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