its time for the weekend

well it is the weekend...and i approach it with a strong desire to relax. d has some friends coming from out of town next week and i know that it will be busy. the house is looking really wonderful and i feel that we are finally calming and settling down into it.

unrelated...i am just so tired. work has been stressful and the house has been a project...and i think it is all catching up with me. i will probably take some time off later this year. i'm just beat:)

i'm excited for this weekend. i am so thankful for friday's...because we have this feeling of whats to come. i know for me...its thoughts of working around the house, enjoying the farmers market, and spending time with friends.

as always, i am excited for another beautiful weekend in fayetteville. as a treat, enjoy these photos taken by our dear friend lance miller from our evening out the other day. they are beautiful.

anyway, i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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