one week in

well it has been one week since we moved all of our stuff to the new property. i would say that we are probably about 70% done with the move. the furniture has all be placed and the major stuff has been done. however, we still have to unpack the office and hang art and some curtains. it can be a bit overwhelming.

however, i sit here and truly soak up how lucky we are. knock on wood (maybe my new floors) but we are very fortunate to have this home and this exciting time in our lives. we have been so busy lately...but in the end, this is such a wonderful opportunity.

i am really excited because tomorrow is farmers market saturday and i am so looking forward to going and getting back to some sort of regularity. i have been so tired lately and i look forward to the day when i can just sit back and relax and enjoy what we have.

anyway, have a fantastic weekend everybody and be sweet!

love wayne:)

p.s. plus a big thank you to sarah d for our first fresh flowers in our new home...

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