d's new house treat for me

hola everyone...

it was a crazy weekend. we worked like mad men over the weekend! we went out with some friends on friday night and then had some friends over to brake in the deck. it was so great to sit outside with the music, the lights, and some boulevard wheat:) and enjoy the evening in our new home.

on saturday morning, we met another set of friends and went around the farmers market. the fayetteville farmers market has to be one of my favorite things in the world. it is so wonderful to people watch, buy local products, and enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the farmers market in all its glory. perhaps because of the economy, this years market has been the most crowded, i've ever seen it.

saturday afternoon, daniel and i began the task of hanging art around the house. it was pretty awful. we do things differently, and the sight of all that art completely overwhelmed me. however, when we finished it...it looked fantastic!

yesterday, we deep cleaned the house and then finally took out our last box. it was so wonderful. we have a few sets of curtains that are at the dry cleaners, but once those are up...everything that we will need to do for the inside of the house...will be done!!!

i just felt so wonderful yesterday. in other news, wimbledon starts today which makes me very excited. for those of you who don't know, i am a huge tennis fan. lets see...our friend jessica comes home today from alaska, and hmmm....we saw sarah d and lancer twice this weekend which was wonderful. we love them like crazy.

oh...but for the purpose of this post, daniel surprised me with my new house gift. he bought me a blanket that i have been lusting after for a few months. a blanket may not sound exciting but believe me, these little guys are like drops of heaven. the company that produces them is called dash and albert, and i advise you to check them out at dashandalbert.com as they also make beautiful rugs. they are pricey, but worth every penny. he let me pick out my color, and i went for the classic stripe. it is really beautiful.

i think when we finish up some of the smaller outside projects, we will start working on our housewarming. i hope you can all come. i assume it will be in mid-july or so.

anyway...have a fantastic week and be sweet. love wayne:)

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