ah the weekend:) and a treat

so for those of you who don't live around here, i have a treat. but wait...let me get to the week at hand. or better yet...the weekend. i am so looking forward to a nice peaceful weekend. we in fayetteville are so lucky to have the farmers market but also little bread, the galleries, new orleans antiques, trailside, and all the fantastic places around the market. i am really looking forward to seeing some friends, enjoying the market, and trying!!! to get some much needed rest.

so on to my weekend treat...i have finally got some pictures taken that i can share of the house. for our first reveal, i wanted to post what the guest room looked like before (when it was an adorable little girl's room) and what it looks like now. we think its a great place for all our little friends to get some much needed rest in an uncluttered and peaceful surrounding. have a great weekend everyone. love wayne:)

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