ahhh....the second reveal (the master bedroom)

well i thought for our second big reveal, i would highlight some of the things we did in the master bedroom. the room was cute before when it was red (previous owners). however, we wanted a calmer color that would also highlight our bedding. after much flipping back and forth between colors, i went with benjamin moore montgomery white. the more i sit or lie in the bedroom, the more i really love this color. it is so rich. it has a bit of yellow, a bit of cream, a bit of tan. its a perfect fit and really made the room look twice as big. i bought that fantastic historic ceiling tile from daisies and olives in prarie grove. hope you like what we did.
as far as the weekend, it was really great. we went out to dinner with our friend angela on friday night. i love ubberburger on dickson. its really wonderful and their almond-lentil burger is out of this world. saturday we went to the farmers market and little bread (oh la la). sunday we had our friends jessica, corey, and jay over. jessica is adorable and its so great having her around. corey and jay are fantastic, cute, and above all...really sweet. plus...daniel got to grill again!!!

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