its february and im a little blue

don't we all get like this? i don't know...

i know that it has been a bit since my last blog post, but in all truth...i think i am a bit depressed and that scares me. as many of you know, i have growing dissatisfaction with my job. i love some of my co-workers but its really more of a case of analyzing where i want to be in this world.

there are a few things that i know. i know that i am passionate about food and would love to run a small biz gourmet shop. i know that i am passionate about small biz and its impact on fayetteville. i know that i am passionate about tennis and film (but that's not really a big help). anyway, as part of my mission to find ways of expression, i wrote to a select few business owners that i really respect and frequent. of those...i heard back from about five. i got some invitations to volunteer and one owner denied me the opportunity to volunteer because of my spelling and emotioncons....i know! apparently those who need volunteers can be choosy...

that all being said, i just am trying to find my place in this world. i feel like a bit of a shell of who i want to be. its hard and therefore causes me a great deal of stress.

other than this...it has been busy. ive been glued to the olympics and am sad that its almost over. d and i had a wonderful trip to tulsa for valentines. i love my friends...sarah, jessica, and lancer. the new gay boys are great. of course...charlee is fantastic. i guess im just a bit blue.

blue in a month of red. lovies, wayne:)


  1. I miss you. Cheer up, buttercup. I have a good story for you. We're stuck in Tulsa right now. Bad weekend. Can't wait to catch up!

  2. Times will get better. We all feel like small shells on miles of coast line. I ask myself all the time, where am I susposed to be? What am I being called to do? Who knows what is going to happen in the near future, but I believe that I will be lead on the right path. If not, I will learn from that path and hop on another trail. Job stress is the worse. Miss you, D, Charlie, et al.

    Huggies nipple!!! <3