ah its finished...the kitchen remodel

well last night finished a three and a half week project to redo the kitchen. the old blue tile countertops were fine, but they were awfully hard to keep clean and do anything on...because they were uneven. plus the old kitchen didnt have a backsplash and had an old double sink. enter in our ideas. first off, we replaced the countertops with a high-end dark gray solid quartz with modern finishes and square corners. although pricy, this was a necessary step that you shouldnt skimp on if you do this yourselves. for the backsplash, we tiled all the way up to cabinets in a mini subway tile with white gloss grout and high gloss end pieces. then we replaced the kitchen double sink with an extra wide and extra deep utility sink (undermount with cut-out). this (of course!!!) required a new garbage disposal (and 12 trips to home depot). we finished off with a new set of utility faucets and a new layer of polish on the cabinets. done!!!

the above pictures show the kitchen when it was owned by the previous owners, then us, and finally the full remodel (3).

other than the countertop and sink instillation, we did everything else ourselves. from removing the old countertops and sink to removing the old backtiles and putting up the new...this is really the best way to ensure that its done right and save some money. the whole project was about $3900 instead of $5500-7000 if we would have had to contract everything out. its worth considering...but is back breaking and time consuming. below are the specs:

wall color: benjamin moore glacier
trim: benjamin moore decorators white
tile: merola 1x2 subway tiles with white grout (high gloss)
coutertops: verona legacy quartz in breta gray 3 cm with square edge, high gloss, 1 1/4" overhang, and 90 degree corners
sink: utility 32 wide by 20 deep
faucets, disposal, and dimmers: home depot

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