slightly better

so this has been a slightly better week. a few things happened: i got to tour the space for the new job...which is really great, school is starting, oh...and daniel and i discovered "nurse jackie":)

of course, the other big thing was that we got to see sarah d. and lancer. of course, it was too brief, but it always is. gosh i miss them. its crazy. they are so special to me...its kinda gay:) sarah is one of those people that i can talk to about anything and lance is so much more than the pretty boy that i had a little man crush on when we met. hes sweet, sensitive, and will be the sort of father that everyone wishes they had. i love them both and miss tbem (and stella) way too much.

tbe week was pretty good though. well, other than my dear friend jessica who is going through a break-up. he wasnt the one or her...but alas, that doesnt make it better.

you know...i hear the ticking...of 30 coming! seeing sarah and lance makes me think about the possibilty of having kids one day. i think i might like them. i am great with kids...which is kind of wierd. i am going to try to be the best uncle and godfather to cadence that i can be. ill probably spoil him (like charlee) but i also think that i am firm and honest. that kid is so lucky to have parents like sarah and lance. i wonder if one day, i can have one...

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  1. You, my dear friend, would be a GREAT dad.

    Love you,